Pull ze string! A blog has begun!

Welcome to my newly established blog and personal website, Dreams and Pomp!

As the tagline indicates, I’m going to be writing mainly about art. As time permits, I’m also going to add additional pages to the site. Probably most of this blog will be about film, which is my first passion. But I never tire of sharing ideas about music, literature and other topics. Thus, I expect this blog to run the gamut from Jess Franco’s Soledad Miranda films (Dreams) to Mahler’s symphonies (Pomp). You are asked to comment only on the blog entries that resonate with you personally. If you send me something insightful or bizarre enough, I might even post it here.


About James Steffen

I'm currently the Film Studies and Media Librarian at Emory University in Atlanta. Although my primary passion and expertise is in film, I also love literature, music and other arts.
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